A gentle start (or, how twitter is helping me write poems)

To understand why I am unlocking words, and why I have created this blog, requires a back story which may be a little intense for a first post.  So instead let me tell you about the technique I am using at the moment.  I am currently reading poemcrazy, recommended to me by a very good friend who is also incredibly creative and a beautiful writer.  I am only a few chapters in (I am trying to read slowly and with care rather than my normal style of devouring words in a frenzy) but Susan’s approach so far seems to be that words are already there, they are just waiting for us to play with them.

With that in mind, I am using twitter to create poems.  I have started by looking over my recent tweets and writing words and phrases that stand out in my notebook.  I then left this, unlooked at, for a day or so.  When I returned, I pieced them together to create the following.  I am repeating this process with the tweets of my friends (they don’t yet know this…).

Elusive words

In the dark

Peaceful/painful silence
(Delete as applicable)

Battle ready
(Battle vulnerable?)



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