i’m trying the ‘stealing things from twitter’ approach with newspapers.  So Sunday morning saw me looking at the Guardian from the day before with a pen in hand, picking out interesting articles and selecting words and phrases to add to my notebook.  Then at a later date, with fresh eyes, I went back and tried to write.  I seem to be getting better at editing.  I wrote last night, tweaked it a bit at the time.  I went back to my notebook to type it up and amended it.  And I edited it as I typed it up.  It’s interesting (and hopefully positive) as when I used to write I would very very rarely edit.  The words would be written and that was that.

The following is from ‘The battle to eliminate FGM is long, but it’s one we must win‘.

Smiling and dancing

Drums beat
Voices sing

& louder

Prevent the screaming
From offending

Crimes committed against
Blindfolded girls

Cut to preserve
Cut to control
Cut to stop.


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