Me, Myself and I

I’ve started an online creative writing course.  We’re very much at the introduction/beginning stage and the first assignment was to write 100 words as an introduction/writer profile.  The second was to choose an everyday, mundane item and describe it.  I’ve included mine below and would welcome feedback.  That’s one of the things that I think is important to me with the course.  I’ve never really had any criticism on my writing so I’m hoping it will be useful.

Me, myself and I

Helen has been inseparable from books since before she could walk or talk.  Quickly, she began to write herself.  Writing which ranged from poems to stories to newspapers for which she interviewed friends and family.  This love of words and expression continued until her early twenties when the pressures and time commitments of being an adult took over.  It was about this time that she started to suffer from chronic pain and, as a way of coping with this, has recently found her way back to writing.

Look around you

Smudges and faded writing cover off-white surfaces, surfaces the colour of a well-loved teddy bear.  Obviously once a cuboid, it’s ends are now rounded and on the top there’s a nail mark, a barely visible crescent moon. 

It’s light to hold. It doesn’t take up much space in my child sized fist.  It feels solid until my hand closes on it and it gives slightly under the pressure.  You think it’s smooth until you run your finger a little harder on it’s edges and then small fragments of the whole rub off.

It makes a gentle sound when tapped; absorbing many of the sounds waves itself.

It smells faintly of classrooms and learning to write your letters and spell long words like because.

I don’t think I’d want to taste it. 


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