Week 2

So, week 2 of the creative writing class.  This week is about using prompts to generate ideas.  The first one was inspired by a news headline:

In life, we were thick as thieves, two peas in a pod, joined at the hip.  With death, she has become me.  She has consumed my identity.

For the second assignment, we brainstormed people, places and props and combined them to make an idea:

With her blanket of stars wrapped around her and her boat on the sea, the little girl set sail for the top of the world.  Her hair threaded with flowers and her spoon paddles powering her cardboard vessel along.

(Does anyone want to illustrate that for me? I think it’d make a nice picture book!)

And for the third assignment, we gathered pictures from magazines and used them as inspiration:

It’s exactly 5 minutes to ten when he checks his watch.  You wouldn’t know it was morning in the dusky grey wilderness he finds himself in.  Pine trees stand, bolt upright, their tops engulfed in heaven and their feet wrapped in virgin snow.  Ahead, he can see the silhouettes of his travelling companions.  He doesn’t know them well enough to make out identities from their backs; all present as harsh black outlines against the velvety white.  Standing still for a brief moment, he thinks about where he came from.  Where he ran from.  Another world away.


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