Creative writing weekend part 2

The atmosphere at the creative writing workshop at the Women’s Holiday Centre was amazing as it has been on previous occasions when I’ve visited the house in Horton.

If you’re a woman and you haven’t been, go! It’s a five-ten minute walk from a train station and is served by trains from Leeds and Carlisle. Plug for Horton over, the weekend was brilliant. Janine led the group through various exercises and everyone had really positive, encouraging and genuine things to say to each other.

One of the exercises we did was very similar to something I did earlier in the year whilst I was staying at the house.  I sat in the garden and, paying attention to all my senses, wrote down words and phrases which I then combined into a poem.  For the exercise this weekend, we were asked to spend three minutes in three different parts of the garden.  Then we chose three phrases each and we wove it into a collaborative poem.  It was a beautiful piece but as I don’t have other people’s consent I won’t share it here.  I also created a poem with my list.

From the summer:

An afternoon in the garden

I sit, sun on skin

Gazing at the garden.

Insects dance in a daisy ballroom

Swallows rush by

The sound of their wings

Above the faint river flow.

White butterflies skim the vista

Chasing, spiralling

Out of sight.

The heat of the afternoon

On skin until

Clouds, hints of grey

Obscure azure.

A blue tit flies

Almost within reach.

Peace, the loud sound of peace.

From this weekend:

Winter falls on Horton

Leaves crush to compost

On uneven ground.

Dregs of autumn

Fight impending darkness.

Icy stone penetrates bones

Grey clouds roll in

Carrying winter’s bitter chill.

Surprisingly, a sunset orange

Calendula smiles up.

Hope flutters in the breeze.

My almost sanctuary

From a mind

Which is self destructing.


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