Online writing course – poems

Taking a break from rhapsodising about the wonderful creative writing weekend, I wanted to mention that this was the first week of poetry in my online writing course.  We were asked to make a mind map around a particular topic and listen to three pieces of music and list words and images that came to us.  For the former exercise, I focused on the sea.  The latter, I struggled with.  I don’t find music tangibly inspiring.  I just don’t.  

We then had to use one of our lists or the mind map to write a poem.  Because I hadn’t come up with much based on the music I combined all of my words and phrases:


A life lived long ago

Amongst jagged storms

And flashing waves.


Black riptides



Now faint memories.


Another world

Slowly ascended

As towers of 

Salty possibility

Fall with invigorating energy

Regenerating freedom


Blue green swirls

Now reflect in her eyes

(Don’t worry, there will be more from the amazing weekend!)


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