One of this week’s assignments is to write a haiku.  In a moment, devoid of inspiration, I asked twitter for subject ideas.  There were some interesting ones!

Being kind to each other

Moments of kindness

Can turn a day around, a

Gift that’s free to give

Irn Bru

Brought up on irn bru

Orange fizz from porcelain

I miss my granma

Why adults are always moaning about winter when it’s the best season ever

Adults moan about

Winter, embrace inner child

Grasp Christmas magic


The blue whale, a giant

Relic in our seas, bigger

Than everything else

And a couple I came up with without the help of twitter:

Short and sweet isn’t

Always better, sometimes long-

Er is beautiful


Cherry blossom falls

Confetti scattering down

To Japanese soils

 My next task is to turn these themes into children’s poems…


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