I am the sea

This may be the last of my creative writing retreat posts.  We were asked to think of ourselves as a place.  We then split into small groups and had to answer questions about our place eg what’s the weather like, what colours are there etc.  My first poem is my response to this.  My immediate thought was the sea, upon exploration with my group it turned out I was the middle of the sea.

The second poem was cobbled together on the train home from Horton in a post writing retreat euphoria.

I am the sea

Ocean bleeds into sky

Grey waves crash

Into clouds



In a boundary-less



I am unreachable


From the bleak desert


My waves crash down

Shatter upon contact

I am breaking myself


Somewhere between murky

Waters and misty skies

I sink heavy and numb


The mystical power of salty air

Was my saviour

But now I’m too far from shore.




A patchwork of beech, ash, elm

Each a unique shade of autumn

Boney fingers curl into tired mist

As two parallel lines gently rock me back to York


A slow transition into the rest of the world

Taking with me a small part of Horton

Crumbing stone buildings become housing estates

Purple grey darkness closes in


The man and woman next to me

Break off a piece of chocolate each.

Are they leaving somewhere too?

Or is their journey just beginning?


Eyes close in denial

As the supermarket approaches

A beacon that home is close

Passengers gather belongings


Step down onto solid York

I am home

With Horton magic

Still visible on my skin


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