Collecting Haiku

I have started collecting words.  More specifically haiku.  I am aiming to write a haiku a day.  It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out but I’m hoping it’s a vaguely achievable goal.  I was going to start it as a new years resolution but new year is an arbitrary thing so I’m starting now.  Or rather I started on Friday.


Distill. Condense. Let

The image tell a story

In a breath. Haiku.


Coastal Erosion

Wearing away at

Foundations until nothing

Remains to support


Sketches on skin mark

Your boundary.  Outline your

Existence. Tattoo.


Post it note poems

Collected on scraps. Then lost.

Unexpected breeze.


Midwinter. Nights get

Shorter, days longer. Refresh



Birds sing their morning

Song to a street lamp sun.  Dawn

Is hours away.


Map reading when the

Destination keeps changing.

Human condition.


One thought on “Collecting Haiku”

  1. With these little gems, you’ve made a remarkable start! I wish you much success in your haiku journey; it’s a life like no other. *** 🙂 ***


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