Writing prompts

I came across some writing prompts today aimed at children.  Here’s a couple of things I wrote as a response:

The first time I rode a bike, I…

I have no recollection of the first time I rode a bike.  I suspect it wasn’t a particularly significant day in my life.  I do remember a day, probably around my birthday as it was gray outside, I was on the farmyard and my dad was behind me.  I was on a red bike.  I don’t really remember much else about it.

I do know that having a bike was my escape.  In the evening, at the weekends, during school holidays I would cycle across the fields, up and down the yard.  When I was older I would go out on the lane, cycling up and down.  It didn’t really seem to matter where I was going, the destination wasn’t important.  What was important was that I was away from the house.  When I was old enough to cross the main road I would spend hours at my friends house.  We were geographically convenient to each other.  That’s not to say we weren’t good friends, we were, but I suspect we wouldn’t have been as close or spent as much time together if we weren’t the only people our age within cycling distance of each other.

I had forgotten how important a bike was to me when I was growing up.  I’d forgotten the carefree feeling of doing wheelies and staying out as long as I could.  I’d forgotten that having a bike was a reason to go out.  “I’m off to ride my bike” was better than “I’m going to hang around somewhere else”.  Essentially it provided a means of purposeful escape.

 10 things I want to buy

  1. A trip to Asia, I’m thinking Cambodia for my next big holiday.  I would go ahead and book it but I’m not really sure I’m actual fit for it.
  2. Trip to New Zealand and a ticket for a friend, ideally hire a campervan and just go from place to place.
  3. Health.  If you could buy health I would do it and would buy some for friends who are struggling.
  4. Warmth.  I guess this is really heating and I always feel guilty about the amount of energy I use on heating.
  5. Books. Because I always always want to buy books.  Books make me happy.  They are filled with possibilities and that excites me.
  6. Music.  There’s a few CDs on my wish list and I’m finding silence difficult at the moment
  7. New camera kit – a macro lens, film to play with, a creative photography course (as opposed to learning the technical side)
  8. A tattoo by Rebecca Louise Vincent
  9. Wool.  Knitting is helping my mental health.  It’s also helping me learn the importance of pacing so that’s a win too!
  10. Dairy free ice cream. I was never really fussed about dairy free ice cream but the last six months or so have seen me constantly wanting more.

Interestingly I didn’t think I wanted to buy anything when I started the list. That’s consumerism for you.


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