More Writing Prompts

So this turns out to be a good way for me to write at the moment.  Short, sharp bursts where I don’t have to think about the subject and very little editing.  It’s a start at least.

Flip side – from WriteAlm

Have you ever noticed how interesting a room looks when you see it in a mirror?  When I was younger I had a strong desire to move the furniture round in my room.  I think, looking back, it was because it never felt safe.  But the room in the mirror always looked like somewhere I wanted to be.  I was intelligent, I knew that the mirror room was only a flipped image of my room, but I still had an emotional reaction to seeing it.

In the mirror room everything seemed brighter, it seemed more spacious, it seemed like I’d be happier if I was the girl in the mirror room.

Favourite food

I was going to ignore this one as it felt a bit risky.  But then I thought it might help me reconnect a bit with food that I enjoy and the idea of eating to enjoy.  Because if I’m being honest, I don’t find a handful of dry cereal all that thrilling even if it is my go to snack/meal at the moment.  My favourite food… might be marmite on toast.  White, pre-sliced bread toasted to the perfect level (this requires skill and I believe a certain amount of talent), then spread (dairy free) butter over it whilst it’s still burning hot.  It’s important that the butter melts into the toast.  Then comes a good layer of marmite, fairly thick, covering all the butter.  Do not let it get cold.  It must be eaten as soon as possible.  A close second is probably macaroni cheese made by my friend who is an expert in lactose free cheese sauce.  This comes with the added benefit of being cooked for and often being sent home with leftovers.  I’ve not had either of these in a long time and they were staples of my diet.  Toast at least once a day, macaroni cheese (made by me) at least once a week.  Neither feel like options right now.  It’s not even like I’m sitting here longing for them, they feel far too out of reach for me to lust after.

Rant about what bothers you most – from DiscoveryKids

Right now, as I’m trawling the internet looking for the impossible (calorie free cake – yes, this is where my life is…), recipes which include ‘cake mix’ as an ingredient are bugging me.  Cake mix is not an ingredient, it’s lots of ingredients.  Cake mix has its place in the world.  I’m not making any judgement call about it.  I am however annoyed by the number of blogs out there which add an ingredient and claim they’ve created a new recipe.  This isn’t a major issue in my life.  It will not annoy me for any longer than it takes to write this mini rant.  There are bigger issues (like the fact I was searching for calorie free cake).  This just happens to be at the front of my mind.

Your best friend – from DiscoveryKids

My best friend has been alongside me all my life.  He is small and appears quite feeble and sickly but he has been my rock.  He’s there for me when I feel like I have no one to turn to, when I need a hug.  It is him I seek out when I need comfort.  No one has ever taken his place.  And the best people know that they never could.


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