I’m pleased with how well I’m engaging with my online writing course at the moment.  I’m hoping that I’ll get through quite a bit this week as I’m off work.

There’s a focus on character at the moment – we started by watching a video clip and noting down a few details about the people in it.  This formed the start of our character sketch.  After looking at some examples of character development we were asked to expand a little on it.

Character Sketch (first draft)

She sits, leaning forward on the metal bench.  Her fingers are anxiously rubbing at the purple silky sleeping bag cover on her knee.  She is clearly waiting for something, or someone.  She looks nervously left and right down the street, peering past the people who are cluttering up her view.  She sits alone on the bench but she is squashed into the corner, as if she feels she shouldn’t be sitting there.  As if she isn’t really allowed.

She sighs deeply, as if resigned to the disappointment that clouds over her blue eyes.  She reaches into the large shapeless canvas bag which has been sitting at her feet and pulls out a notebook.  Adjusting herself, she rests against the back of the bench, shakes off her shoes and tucks her feet underneath her.  Fingers flick through pages until they reach on which is pure, unspoiled and ripe for words…

Friday 19th June, at the park entrance

I really thought he’d show.  I know that’s foolish.  He’s disappointed so many times before but I believed him yet again.  If I head back now I’ll have to face the music, hear them say they told me so, laugh at my stupidity.  I don’t think I can bare it.  I don’t think I can return.

Her eyes drift away from the paper.  She casts a final wistful glance around then she slips her feet back into the ruby slippers, flings the bag on her back and the sleeping bag under her arm.  The path guides her towards the river, slowly winding aimlessly through oak trees.

She puts down her belongings and swings her legs over the riverbank.  Taking off the ruby slippers, a tear slowly rolls down her pale cheek.

Suddenly she comes to life.  Her ruby slippers are violently flung into the water and she is screaming, “Screw your over-the-rainbow shit.  I’ve fucking had it.”


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