List poetry: Jobs I’ve had

There’s a great post by the girl in the hat over at The Daily Post about poetry from lists including a number of prompts.  I’ve added them all to my list of ideas to return to but here’s a completely unedited list of jobs I’ve had:

Jobs I’ve had

Menial farm work for a father I love

But love wasn’t enough

Piecemeal wages required


3am start at the newsagents

Inserting supplements into weekend papers

Who knew that was a job


Graduated to serving in the same establishment

Sleazy customers and £1 of penny sweets

Each individually counted


Two summers in customer services

In a college, old man wanted to learn pottery

Could he make a frog rather than a nude?


Three weeks stuffing envelopes

So good they kept me the summer

Filing and photocopying


Three months in a medical school

Followed by two sessions

Pretending to be a patient


A couple of days temping

In an office without capacity

To assign me tasks


Nine months in an office

Filled with playground politics

And added alcohol


Thrown in the deep end

Personal Assistant to the Head of Department

Once you learn the language, it’s easy to swim


Final destination, same office

Same team yet numerous masks

Trialled over four years

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