#YouCanSeeIt came across my twitter feed this weekend.  Inspired by this post, it’s about the visible signs of invisible illness.  I was in Brussels for a weekend away when I saw the hashtag.  Being away and exploring a new place was great but I was feeling particularly annoyed with one of my invisible illnesses.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Hypermobility Syndrome is a genetic condition which affects the make up of collagen which unfortunately in turn, makes up a lot of the human body.  The main way I am affected is chronic joint and muscle pain including joint dislocations and subluxations as well as fatigue.  And by fatigue I don’t mean being a little bit tired but being exhausted most of the time and never having a refreshing nights sleep.  Being so mentally and physically tired that you can no longer speak and the idea that you might want to swing your legs onto the bed for comfort is out of reach.

You can see it…

You can see it when I bite my lip

Persevering with every step

You can see it when I stop to gather strength

At the foot of the stairs

You can see it when my eyes zone out

And it’s like I’m not there

You can see it when my hands

Clutch at my ribs, holding myself together

You can see it when I slump to the floor

Unable to stand any longer

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