Writing Workshop: Top Five Tips

I  went to a writing workshop on Saturday.  It was interesting and is a monthly thing so I’ll probably go back.  It was just a few group exercises and discussions but it meant that there was time in my life carved out for writing.

The main exercise we did was writing a sentence then passing it on for the next person to write the next sentence and so on.  At various points we were given prompts like add a twist, incorporate a building and then finish the story in one sentence.  It was really good for starting to get you writing and as a reminder that you can write sentence by sentence, you don’t sit down and write an entire epic novel at once.  Also, at one point poor handwriting meant that stories transformed into stones and completely turned the plot on it’s head!  After the exercise we came up with our top five tips for writing:

  1. Embrace mistakes and unforseen directions
  2. Maintain conflict
  3. Details matter, use them to create an atmosphere
  4. Go with the flow, be creative rather than logical – one day you’re the writer, one day you’re the editor, you can’t be both at once
  5. Take it one sentence at a time

I think it’d be interesting to try the sentence by sentence collaboration online if anyone’s interested?

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