Release your magazines into the wild!

If you don’t follow me on twitter you probably don’t know that I’m using my fortnightly psych nurse appointments to replenish their magazines.  I was rather disappointed when I went for my assessment to find a pile of gossip magazines which bully celebrities, create unrealistic images and include unhealthy diet plans.

So after my initial moment of anger and what the fuck, I realised that I can do something about this.  So every session I have I’ve been taking a magazine that I’ve finished reading.  So far I’ve added Libertine, Oh Comely, New Internationalist, Diva and Wildlife.  In addition to the eating disorder clinic I’ve also been leaving magazines in my GP surgery.  It’s been really nice going back and finding the magazines I’ve left on the top of the pile!

I’ve also emailed the magazines to let them know and to get them to encourage readers to do the same.  One of them was Wildlife magazine and the editor got back to me within minutes to let me know how great he thought that was.  He also asked what I liked best about it and I mentioned the photos and how even if you’re not up to reading, it’s nice to look at and how I’d taken my sister a copy when she was in hospital so she could look at the pictures.  He emailed me back today to say he’d love to send her a copy of the next issue!  How lovely is that?!  I have to say, I was a bit overwhelmed!

I would love it if more people across the country started doing it – wouldn’t it be awesome to sit down in a waiting room and pick up a fab, inspiring magazine that you might never have looked at before?

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