Not all my carers are bad!

I just wanted to balance out my recent carer related posts.  They aren’t all bad.  Within my care team at present I have one crap carer, one ok carer and one really good carer.  I also have a really wonderful ex-carer who unfortunately had to leave because the hours she was getting were completely incompatible with her life.

But I still see her.  She popped round for coffee this week, bringing with her flowers and thoughts about going Christmas shopping and to a spa together.  And the really good carer is amazing.  We’re really in tune, we’ve talked a lot about my mental and physical health stuff and having her with me, regardless of what we’re doing, is really comfortable.

Getting the right carers can make a huge difference to your life and I know that without any care, even bad care, I would have no quality of life any more.


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