A bit (more) about me…

What’s your favorite way to pass time? What do you enjoy most?

Being creative.  Whether it’s photography, art journaling, art outside my journal (which I’ve just started dipping my toe into) or writing.

What is the best or hardest decision you have ever made?

Asking for help and starting having carers was an incredibly tough decision.  As was starting to use a wheelchair.  And reducing my hours at work.  And whilst they were hard decisions, they are probably also some of the best decisions and have improved my quality of live.

Describe your personality with only one word.

contradidictive (it didn’t say it had to be a real word!)

What’s been the most important/transformative moment in your life during the past year?

see hardest decision

What is standing between you and happiness?

EDS, or I guess me.  I guess at the end of the day the only person who can stand between us and our happiness is us.

What (or who) are you most grateful for?

My teddy.  And my friends.

Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do, but have never done before?

Travel the world, in particular New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Vietnam and a host of other places.  I’m still hoping to go to New Zealand before I’m 30 although the logistics are overwhelming… finding someone to go with me as a carer but also someone who wants to go so I don’t have to pay everything for both of us because I don’t have that much money! I have found a tour company who do small group tours specialising in travelers with mobility issues so that’s one small step towards organising the trip…

Where have you lived in your life? If you’ve never moved (or even if you have), where would you like to try living?

Ellesmere Port (North West England) and York (Yorkshire, England).  I came to York when I was 14 and when I went home, I told everyone I was going to live there.  I’m now a few streets away from where I stayed on that first visit.

What is the most important/most meaningful thing in life?

Friends.  And creating.  Whatever it is, create something: art, photos, furniture, food, children…

In one sentence share what your wish for your future.

To live with peace, intention and to find a way to live as fully as possible with my pain.

Where do you find your inspiration + motivation?

In the small things.

Like yesterday when the rain finally ceased and the sky filled with golden clouds (which my photo does no justice to). It would have been so easy to think the whole day was miserable and wet and dark but just noticing the change, feeling in tune and connected, brings me a kind of peace.

sky 070116


What is your motto in life?

Life with intention and appreciation.  Celebrate the little things.  Make what you can into an adventure.

From Liz at Be Love Live 

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