Bureaucracy is disabling me – Part 2

Part 1

We’ve sorted out a way of avoiding the giant meds box of doom.  The GP has changed my meds, dosages etc so that I can get the same affect but only taking meds morning and night when my carers are here.

But in terms of the as and when morphine… social services have put up a bloody high brick wall with a sign saying ‘nothing to do with us’.  GP has no alternatives – any fast acting pain killer will be liquid and any liquid has to come in a bottle and I can’t open bottles.  My care agency have said from 1st Feb they will no longer break the rules for me (understandably).  Which means from 1st Feb, I will only be able to take the morphine twice a day, when the carers are here.

This means at 3am when I wake up in agony, I have no relief.  My already bad sleep will be worsened.  I strongly suspect I will be unable to work. I imagine that my mental health will be impacted by an increase in pain as well. In addition to this, having no relief on my bad days will mean that I need additional care as I wouldn’t be able to do basic tasks involving my hands such as toileting, eating my lunch, holding anything. I already struggle to do these basic things so removing my pain relief will inevitably worsen the situation.

And all social services had to say was this is clearly a health issue so your GP (who’s already said there’s nothing she can do) needs to sort it. Goodbye.

And goodbye to the little bit of life I had…



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