Alternative tarot course

I’ve been enjoying the little red tarot blog for a few months now, since before I actually got any cards .  Beth’s approach is accessible and friendly and chimes with a lot of my own feelings about tarot.  In addition to her blog and shop, she has a course, the alternative tarot course which I’ve been thinking for while I’d like to do.  It’s an eight week course designed to help you find your own way of using the cards.

I had been thinking I’d sign up for the course when I have more time… that elusive more time… But then the other morning, as if by fate, I got an email from her with a discount code.  This made the already cheap course something I couldn’t turn my back on (it’s $25 at it’s normal rate so very accessible).  My inital reaction was ‘I don’t have time’ but then I started to mull it over and actually maybe now is the right time.  I have three sessions of therapy left (eek) and have been using the cards in a way which gives me mini bursts of something akin to therapy.  So maybe, now is the perfect time to delve deeper into tarot, to transition into a deeper connection or more personal approach with the cards as I transition out of therapy.

Part of the approach includes writing each week(ish) about tarot and to try and keep myself on track and accountable, I will be using this blog to do that.  So if tarot isn’t your thing, just skip those posts but I’d strongly suggest you don’t close your eyes to it completely… sometimes these things can surprise you with their value.


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