Check me out over on Ever The Crafter! The lovely Jessica has interviewed a number of crafters who have chronic illness. She talks to them about their pain, their craft, adaptations etc. She’s also looking for more people to interview if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “Interview!”

  1. How lovely! I don’t do really do crafts, however, since things became worse in my pain life, I have begun doing sketching; still life, photos, and imagination. It is my time to refresh my brain cells, take a break, basically just “me” time. Prior to the MVA, I believed I could never draw. I picked up a pad and colored pencils and found out that was a lie; I just have to get out of my own head. By the way, I love the art shown above.

    1. Thank you. Whether it’s craft, art, photography, drawing, writing etc, I think having space for creating is so important to everyone but I think it’s especially important for those of us with health issues. It’s so easy to get caught up in the pain and the must does and should does that life becomes miserable, creating makes space for play, doing something just for the sake of it.

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