Happy birthday!!


This weekend my blog turned three. And what a three years that has been! The blog was set up primarily as a way of getting back into writing, in particular creative writing. It was set up at a time when my depression was really really bad. I had anorexia I think but wasn’t really acknowledging it. I also had eds, cos you know, genetic condition, but it was a lot less debilitating than it is now.

This blog has been so important to getting where I am now. Without it, I don’t think I’d have “come out” as having depression and anorexia and that opening up was vital for getting help. That was a horrific journey, there was a lot of disbelieving and not taking seriously my mental pain from the medical profession. But this blog, and through it my lovely twittery friends, really supported me and I have slowly been able to tell my story and, for me, that’s a huge part of healing.

A bit about you guys now!

I love how diverse the list of countries my blog is read in is!!!  We have the UK which I’d expect but we also have Russia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Nigeria, India, South Korea and many more!

And these are the posts you’ve read most, which is strangely very different to what would be my top ten posts.

Your top ten (according to post hits)

  1. Travelling with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
  2. “Why don’t you apply for this care job…?”
  3. List poetry: Jobs I’ve had
  4. Friends and chronic pain
  5. How to be a carer
  6. Faceless and Chronic pain cookbook
  7. EDS and drinking
  8. EDS and twitter
  9. A day in the life of me and EDS 2016
  10. Taking up space*

Have a browse and enjoy some cake!


Don’t forget about my slightly neglected, younger, visual imagery blog!

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