Tree oracle cards (again)

Apologies for any strange formatting issues. Each time I preview the formatting is different despite me making no changes…  I’ve messed around a lot and still can’t figure out what’s going on…

I’m still loving my tree oracle cards!  And despite them all having words on them I’ve found they’ve been revealing deeper meanings as I use them.  Some comes from the context of the picture and thinking about where I took it etc.  Some comes from how it interacts with other cards in the spread (particularly how it sits alongside tarot cards in my dual deck readings).

Anyway, I have started putting together a little guide and thought I’d share some of it here as well as ask for feedback and ideas for cards which are holding back on me.

A couple of the cards I’d like to hear feedback on in particular are:

a fork in the path
Which direction should you take? Does it matter? Both paths actually lead to the same place
Be careful not to squash dreams that aren’t fully formed, they are fragile, let them develop
It takes time to achieve your goals, perseverance can help you to thrive against the odds
Things are often not black and white, explore the greyscale. Perspective and context are important to understanding confusing and unclear situations
the future
The future is delicate and there is not just one possible future.
the past
The past can imprison us as well as protect us

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