​10 questions every tarot reader must answer

I subscribe to a number of tarot websites and get emails from time to time. Last night, I received one from Lavender Moon which included an article about the ten questions every tarot reader must answer.  The idea is that it’s a way for potential clients to get to know your approach and your style of tarot reading. I found it interesting as I did a similar exercise as part of the fantastic Alternative Tarot Course at the beginning of the year and the beginning of my tarot journey.

1.Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

I’m self taught, through blogs and Google mostly. I’ve taken Beth’s Alternative Tarot Course, and part way through 78 mirrors. Prior to learning tarot, I’d never had my cards read.  I recently bought a reading by Carrie Mallon and I know it’s something I’ll do again (another reading from Carrie and one from Beth are on my radar for the future).

2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

Tarot reader. I don’t know what I believe around psychics. Other than there are definitely a lot of frauds. Rationally I want to say they don’t exist but I’ve had my own weird experiences including feeling my sister’s (very specific) pain on a number of occasions despite there being no way I could have known about it at the time I felt it.  I’m trying to be more open minded and I know I believe in the power of all that’s good in the world and the synchronicity of the universe.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t use the cards in a predictive way. I use them as a tool for reflection, a tool for accessing my mind, a tool for psychological wellbeing, a tool for helping the decision making process. As such there is no accuracy, what I read in the cards is what I need to hear at that time. However, that being said, you do get some freaky coincidences and strange synchronicities with the cards. For example drawing the same card time after time despite shuffling the deck at drawing at random. Also, I sometimes use two decks, drawing a card from each for each position in the spread. A reading I did recently gave me the Tower and the two of pentacles paired together in two places. I mean what are the odds of that?!  With 78 cards per deck and four places for them to show up, the odds are low. I’m tempted to work it out but despite my maths degree, my stats has always been sketchy…

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

I believe strongly in self determination and as such I can’t predict anything. However I do believe that once you’ve done a reading, your mind looks out for things related to it, thus making it more likely that what you’ve read in the cards will be noticed and “come true”. I tell you I see a tall man in the cards, the next time you see a tall man it will have added relevance so you’ll note that he’s a tall man and then perhaps place meaning on him.

I think tarot tunes you into your world more sharply.  It helps you to see patterns and notice details.

I think, as is human nature, we are prone to believing the good predictions and disbelieving the tough ones. But for me all the cards can be positive or negative, I don’t read reversals, instead I read each card as the positive and negative and see what chimes best with its position, context and where I am mentally and physically. Sometimes “negative” cards are something which has happened or will happen and other times they’re a warning of what could happen.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

I use tarot and oracle cards as well as using crystals for setting intention. I’m interested in runes although I’ve not done much (very little) research into them yet. I am interested in herbalism and am waiting impatiently for my horrid neighbours to leave so I can plant things in our shared yard (if I did it now, their dog would wreck things and I don’t like being in the yard in case they come out, they are not nice people). I’m trying to follow moon cycles and seasons but am not doing as well as I’d like yet.

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

Both. Your head interprets how you see the images and what jumps out at you on a given day.  The cards can include beaut, incredibly detailed images which clearly have a message.  It’s like the image is a phrase in a language you don’t speak and the reader is the translator (when reading for another person, otherwise you’re translator and receiver).

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

Priestess please… Er, no, someone who’s interested in spirituality, who’s working out what they believe and who’s using tarot to build a stronger connection to herself and the universe

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

Both, depending on the time and place and what’s happening. I do like to problem solve but I’m getting better at stepping back and letting the other person lead.

9. Do you read for free, or for fee?

I’ve only done a couple of readings for others and they’ve been free. Due to complicated, stupid rules, any money I earn will go straight out of my bank and into the hands of the government. But that’s a different post. My point is most people can’t do readings for free and nor should they but as it makes no odds to me, providing I’m not undermining people who do get paid, I will read for free. So I’m thinking friends who wouldn’t turn to a paid reader cos they aren’t interested enough or can’t afford it or whatever.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

Everything but in particular I don’t like readings about a third party. It’s either me and me or me and the querant, I don’t want to read about someone for someone else (eg does he love me, is she cheating…). You put so much of yourself into readings the way I do them that third party readings just don’t make sense. Think of tarot as a conversation between you and the cards, that doesn’t work if the person doesn’t know they’re in the conversation!

If you want a reading from me, let me know but bear in mind I’m a beginner and I have a chronic pain illness and fatigue so it may not be quick!

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