Spirit Cats Oracle Deck

My deck interview: Top – Trust, Middle Left – Unique, Middle Right – Intuition, Bottom Left – Connection, Bottom Right – Seeker

Another new deck!  This time it’s the long awaited Spirit Cats Oracle Deck from Nicole Piar through Kickstarter.

This 48 cat themed deck is made up of gorgeous, high quality square cards which each feature a different cat on one side and a key word and information about the cat on the other side.  Each cat has their own name and the information tells you about their personality.  The detailed healing message means that this would be a nice deck for someone who is new to oracle cards or divination.

They are beautiful little works of art with dreamy, mystical images.

You can find out more about the creation of the deck over on Little Red Tarot.  I love the way they revealed themselves to Nicole, starting off as a small daily practice.

The kickstarter package I chose also included the small wooden token in the middle of the photo.

As with the lumina tarot, I did a new deck interview:

Your most important characteristic

Trust, Safi (card, cat name)- Whilst this card is about trust, it’s also about safety and light in the darkness.  Trust the path, trust your intuition, trust that the light will be there.

Your strengths

Unique, Helix – This deck will encourage me to embrace my true self, to be my brilliant self.  To live a twinkling, dazzling life and to encourage others to be themselves.

Your weaknesses

Intuition, Ghostkitten – I need to keep developing my intuition so that I can hear the messages more clearly.

How best can I collaborate with and learn from you?

Connection, Spirit Cats – We need to work together, to see how we are connected to the rest of the universe.  This card reminds me in some ways of temperance; the mixing of elements, strengths etc.

What is the potential outcome of our relationship?

Seeker, Spiral – Working together I will develop my curiosity, I will become a soul searcher, I will get to know and understand myself more fully.


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