Peace: a final note

Peace was my word for 2016.  I’ve written about it a few times in the past 12 months.

It has involved:

  • getting in touch with my inner self,
  • working towards acceptance of my circumstances and myself,
  • increasing my awareness of the little things
  • and living with intention.

I have a selection of tools which help me work towards a sense of peace; tarot, self check ins, art journalling, creating, writing etc. and I have a few things I aim to do at least once a week to help as well; creating, checking in with myself, resting, going outside and seeing people who aren’t my carers.

I have been following the moon cycles and trying to use the new and full moons to prompt my self reflection.

My life has changed significantly in the past 12 months and these changes have caused some stress but I think they have helped me move towards a more peaceful life. retirement and moving house have both made my everyday existence so much easier, considerably less exhausting and freed up my mental energy.


3 thoughts on “Peace: a final note”

  1. Peace is a good word. I’m thinking of ‘self’ for next year with a very similar theme to your word here but I havent settled on it yet… I think? ha.

    How have you found tracking the moon cycles – I’ve never thought to do it before or to even considered it an influence until I started reading Tarot, has it made a big impact? Have you seen any patterns?

    1. Self sounds an interesting word with lots of scope!

      I’ve not been tracking the cycles as such, or rather I did but only for a few weeks! It’s something I want to do though. Instead just doing a tarot spread which reflects the growth of the new moon and the fruition of the full moon. Since September I’ve been writing these up and keeping them together. There’s some interesting patterns, reoccurring cards etc which have come up. I’ve also found its helped to anchor me in time a bit. It’s easy to lose track of where in tge year you are when most of your days look tge same, for the same reason I’m starting to look at ways of celebrating or reflecting on the passing seasons.

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