The Mouse – Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


My beloved granma was NOT a fan of mice.  She was a strong woman, independent, loving, she kept bees and I don’t think she had a problem with spiders but when it came to mice… She’d be up on a stool the moment she saw one!  I wish she was still with us so I could ask her about it.

Like the earthworm, the mouse is small and often judged by her size, such as in the story of the mouse and the lion.  As well as highlighting that you shouldn’t judge creatures by their size, this fable also illustrates some of the mouse’s characteristics.  She took the giant task of freeing the lion step by step, little by little.

Imagine yourself as the mouse.  You are so tiny and the world so large that the little details, the nitty gritty seem huge.  You can end up so focused on the small things that you don’t even see the bigger picture and this is understandable when a pebble is the size of a rock, a molehill the size of a mountain.  However, too much attention to detail can be a hindrance.  Are you getting the balance right?

Like the Earthworm, the mouse is toward the bottom of the food chain. Unlike the worm, it can’t spend all its time hiding under the ground. To cope, she has a heightened sense of danger, is very vigilant and feels things out carefully. How about you? How do you approach threats and danger? Do you need to be more cautious?

Mice are one of those creatures that a lot of people dislike, if this is you, do you know why? If not, what is your relationship to the little mouse?

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