The Rabbit – Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

For me, there feels like a lot of similarities between the mouse and the rabbit. Both are vulnerable to predators and this motivates a lot of their behaviour. The mouse focuses on the teeny tiny details to help it feel in control whereas the rabbit focuses on fear, ruminating on it over and over.

When we look at this card, we need to recall Kim’s intention to create a deck of wild animals. We shouldn’t see this rabbit in the same way as we see our domesticated, very much loved by humans, pampered pet rabbit.

Vulnerable to predators, rabbits have an excellent field of vision allowing them to see over a wide area especially when they “stand up” as depicted in the card.  Long ears also help her to sense danger and she is constantly alert.  If she perceives danger, she’ll possibly freeze and then warn other rabbits by thumping her foot.   Apparently rabbits can sleep with their eyes open, always vigilance and waiting for danger. They are shy, timid creatures who experience a lot of fear.

I wonder if fear is the reason they’re “at it like rabbits”, afraid that their young will be killed, they maximise their chances of their line continuing?  Or perhaps sex is an outlet for all their nervous energy?!

In terms of questions to reflect on, look at your fears.  Are they justified or are you seeing fear everywhere? How are you reacting to danger?  Are you like a rabbit in the headlights, frozen?

The story of Rabbit and Eye Walker is a good illustration of how fear can create danger.  What would be a better way of approaching your fear?  How can you work through it, let go of it or face it?

Think about your own life, are you like the Rabbit, afraid, cowardly, frozen? What does your fear drive you to do?  Is fear leading to you see the world through a pessimistic veil?  Does it fuel insecurity?

For me, this card is less about what you are afraid of and more about the impact that fear has on your behaviour, your thoughts and your life.

6 thoughts on “The Rabbit – Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck”

  1. I generally love your contributions, they are very helpful. however, this is a very one-sided, negativist depiction of the rabbit, as if it is all about fear (even bats got a better “review”). it is mostly about cozyness, adaptivity (to the seasons, the world around you, going with the circle of life) and bonds and protection of your loved ones as well as love (and passion) for them and life, it is about gentleness and curiosity towards the world and your own surrounding (since rabbits are peaceful, vegetarian animals) and it making you a bit defenseless in a harsh, brutal world, but also precious and rare.

    1. Thanks, I just revisited the post and I agree, it was a short post which came on the back of my post about the mouse and I think the similarities between the two blinded me. I know some of my earlier posts are not up to the same level as the later ones and if I get time at some point, I do want to revisit them. Thank you for your thoughts on the rabbit.

      (I also wonder what was going on in my life at the point of writing! What was I afraid of?!)

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