Buffalo: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


Note, the names buffalo and bison are often used interchangeably but are different, based on the illustration and Kim being based in America (I think), I am assuming this card is representing the bison found in North America.  I may be wrong of course!  For simplicity, I have used the word buffalo to stick with the card itself.

Buffalo are not a creature I am familiar with.  We looked at them briefly in school as part of a project on North America but that’s about it… I know they migrate in herds and I know they are big…  Based on the card alone, they look a strong and sturdy animal.  I seem to recall that they are grazers.  They feel like creatures very much of the earth.  They seem grounded.

I do know that when they were hunted by native Americans, everything was utilised – meat for food, hides for warmth, tools, shelter, glue etc….. One buffalo would have provided a fair amount of resources.  Understandably they saw the buffalo as a sacred creature and celebrated and thanked it for sharing it’s abundance.  If I were to eat meat, I would want to do so in this respectful, considerate way.

Are you sharing your abundance? Are you thanking others for sharing with you?

Other than humans, they have few predators to worry about but that doesn’t mean they are safe.  The population of buffalo has a hauntingly political aspect – they were hunted in large numbers as a way to restrict food available to the native peoples.  Populations got dangerously low at one stage but despite the threat to them, they have stood their ground and populations are now more secure.

This sense of security is echoed in the timelessness and reliability of the buffalo who have been around since the ice age and survived a lot of change.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this card, as I said, it’s not a creature I am familiar with and I’m sure those of you who know it better will have some wisdom to add.

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