Firefly: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


I have only seen fireflies once but it was magical.  I imagine it was even more enchanting before electricity etc were invented.  I can easily imagine they would have been considered to be mythical creatures, fairies, stars fallen from the sky.  In Japanese legend, they were thought to be the souls of the dead.

These creatures are also known as glow worms and lightening bugs but are actually beetles, not flies or worms or bugs. They go through metamorphosis and can glow in the egg, larvae and adult stages.  It is thought they glow to attract mates, as a warning to predators and to communicate with each other.

Regardless of why, these fascinating creatures light up the night with their beautiful talent.  A reminder to us all to shine.  But equally importantly, the firefly does not heat up when it glows so it doesn’t burn out.  Share your talents and yourself with the world but be careful about overdoing it.

Fireflies are tiny creatures and the world must seem so huge to them but instead of getting overwhelmed they focus on lighting up their little part of the world and bring joy to those who see it.  A reminder that changing the world starts with small acts which change our own little corners of this planet.

Naturally they are associated with the unconscious and the mysteries of the dark but whereas the moth and the bat navigate skillfully the black of the night, the firefly illuminates it.


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