Hawk: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


The next two cards are the hawk and the eagle, both birds of prey and as such their cards have similar attributes.  The hawk is generally smaller than the eagle with a smaller wingspan and it doesn’t fly as high as the eagle.  The eagle is also considerably more powerful than the hawk.

As you can see in the picture, both of these birds appear to be associated with the sun and it is this difference in imagery that best portrays their difference for me.  The hawk is flying close to the sun whereas the eagle is bigger than the sun and appears to be about to grasp the sun.  For me, this echoes the fact that the eagle is the more powerful of the two.  Although the close association with the sun does highlight the hawk’s own power.

Both birds are flying in the realm of the gods and as such are both considered to be messengers from the spirit world.  However, as the hawk does not fly quite as high as the eagle, it is considered to be not quite as close to the gods.  Perhaps we can take this to mean that the hawk carries messages about more earthly business whilst the eagle carries messages about the spirit?

Both the hawk and the eagle see the big picture (unlike the mouse who sees only the minute details) and ask us to examine our lives from above, taking in the broad details.

We can learn a lot about the hawk from how he approaches hunting.  The hawk observes patiently waiting until the right time and then takes swift and decisive action to hone in precisely on his prey.  He uses his strength, his speed and his agility to kill efficiently.

The hawk has excellent vision, hence the term hawk eyes, and can see UV light as well as detect polarised light and magnetic fields.  This brilliant and expansive sight links him symbolically with perception, insight and foresight and really does ask you to look deeper.  Indeed in some cultures, the hawk appears as a prophetic bird, with healing powers.

In terms of mythology, the hawk features in a number of ancient Egyptian stories and there are a number of hawk gods but on the whole it is the eagle that steals the show.  This may be because of a tenancy to use the words a little bit interchangeably and because myths obviously get changed as they move through time and cultures.  In cultures where the eagle dominates then the hawk in stories could possibly get turned into an eagle.

My feeling would be to look at the image, see what you take from it and to read the information about the eagle as well and see what calls to you.

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