Eagle: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


As I said in the post about the hawk, there are a lot of similarities between these birds.  I would recommend reading that post as well if you have drawn the eagle card.

As observed in the hawk post, the eagle is generally larger and more powerful and can fly higher so is a more spiritual bird.  Like the hawk, the eagle is a messenger from the gods and has a higher perspective on life because of this and because of it’s very literal perspective.

One key difference in terms of the two cards is the relationship with the sun.  The hawk flies in the light and strength of the sun whereas the eagle appears to be mastering the sun.

These icons of wilderness and strength are majestic hunters who’s amazing vision can can spot carcasses from long distances.  They gorge when food is available and can then go ten days without food thus reminding us to prepare for the future.  When diving on prey, they can reach up to 100mph which sounds pretty terrifying but even at that immense speed, they are still able to carefully and precisely target their kill.  Once they have caught their prey their talons clamp shut so they can hold onto their food even when they relax their muscles.  What are you not letting go of?

Eagles soar high above the mundane day to day, flying adeptly and freely through the skies and the realm of the mind, of knowledge and of communication.

Despite their splendour, not everything about the eagle is so regal and godly… They are prone to what is called Cain and Abel Syndrome, that is to say siblingcide.  In the nest, the oldest chick will often kill it’s siblings.  A true survival of the fittest situation that is thought to arise as a result of food scarcity.  If there are limited resources, sharing them with your brother could result in the death of both of you… What do you do in that situation?

Eagles feature in a lot of myths and legends and are considered symbols of strength.  For example, we have the revered bald eagle in america and the Thunderbird from native american tradition was often considered to be an eagle.   Eagle feathers have been used to symbolise rank and bravery as well as in healing, perhaps lending their own strength to help you heal?

We see the eagle’s importance in many cultures, for example, an Aztec sun god took the form of an eagle and in Norse mythology, the golden eagle sits on the top of the tree of life.  The Celts linked the eagle to the sun as well as with the oak tree and saw it as a wise and ancient creature.  The links with the sun and the sky tie the eagle to the role of messenger in both ancient Greece and ancient Rome, being the messenger of Zeus and Jupiter respectively.  Both of these are sky gods although Zeus is better known for his place as king of the gods.  Without doubt, this is a bird of the sun.  And with it is tied to the conscious world, the light, clarity, illumination and the day time.  Take control of your light, shine it on your shadows without fear, see what is made visible.

In my notes I wrote that eagles have few boundaries.  I am assuming that means physically, that is they can go pretty much anywhere but I can’t remember.  Whatever I meant by it I wanted to include it as it’s an interesting thought to ponder.  What are your boundaries?  Do you have too many?  Not enough?  What if you had no boundaries or limitations?


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