Scorpion: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Cards


The scorpion was apparently one of the early creatures to venture onto land and this pioneering creature asks us what territories are we conquering?

Scorpions are generally loners who only meet up to mate.  This involves a passionate sex dance and once it’s over, the female may eat the male…  Something you may be more familiar with when it comes to spiders, indeed scorpions are related to spiders.

Despite the fact we generally view them with fear, these fierce creatures are rarely harmful to humans and when death occurs after a sting (it is the stinger that is harmful, not their bite) it is often due to an allergic reaction.

As with most animals, I suspect they generally only harm humans when we get in their way, such as when we put a foot in a shoe where they are resting…  After all, they wouldn’t have much interest in eating us… Scorpions much prefer insects, spiders and even other scorpions.  Mostly, they lay in wait, sensing approaching prey through sensitive hairs and once close enough, they will ambush their target using their pincers to crush it.  Following this, they have to inject a chemical into the prey which turns it into a sort of soup which the scorpion drinks as they can’t digest solids…  They can go over six months without food if they need to.

The ever vigilant scorpion is defensive of their territory.  They keep their instincts sharp and listen and act on what their gut is telling them.  Be aware, pay attention but don’t strike too soon.  For me, there is a subtle difference between protecting and defending.  Protection is about keeping something of value safe, for the scorpion, this is its territory which provides food.  Probably more so for humans, defence is a reaction.  And in some situations this is a reaction to a clear danger but in a lot of cases, humans react defensively  because someone has touched a nerve and we don’t want to face that. According to someone called Sharon Ellison (quoted in an article about defensiveness in humans), to be defensive is to react with “a war mentality to a non-war issue.”  Protection feels more about safety whereas defensiveness feels more about shutting down an issue.  Reflect on the subtle differences and see how they apply to your life.   This may also be a call to think about vulnerability.  The scorpion has set up very clear defences – poison, hard shell, angry temperament – to prevent it from being vulnerable.  But what are you losing out on because of that?

Despite having three to six pairs of eyes, the scorpion has poor eyesight.  They can’t form sharp images but one pair is very sensitive to light.  This allows it to use star light to navigate at night, the time when this creature is active, a call perhaps for you to do the same?  Let the stars guide you, stop trying to grasp a fully focused picture and instead relax into the vagueness and the feelings of the intuitive but unexplainable.

In terms of symbolism, the obvious representation of the scorpion is Scorpio; both a star sign and a constellation.

According to the wisdom of wikipedia, scorpio people are ruled by their desires, but their strength is resourcefulness, and this allows them to control their desires unless they have a plan to achieve them.  A good lesson for all of us.  As we’ve seen in the scorpions hunting technique, it is prudent to watch, wait and go in for the kill at just the right moment.

The symbol of Scorpio comes from the constellation Scorpius who killed the great hunter Orion.  Orion had boasted that he could kill every animal on earth.  Mother Earth objected to this and sent the scorpion to kill him.  Following Orion’s death, the scorpion was given a place in the heavens, but on the opposite side of the sky to the hunter.

Other, perhaps less known, stories include one of the goddess Isis and her protector scorpions.  When an old woman wouldn’t provide shelter for Isis, the scorpions sought to avenge her by hurting or killing, depending on which version you read, the old woman’s son.  When Isis found out about this, she reversed the poison and the son lived.

In one fable, a scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.


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