A vertigo induced interlude…

If you follow me on twitter you will be very aware that I’ve been suffering from vertigo for over two weeks… Hence the lack of posts… And if you’re waiting for a reply to an email, sorry!

If you’ve not had vertigo before, you may not be aware how boring it is… When you’re ill, you tuck up in bed with netflix, a magazine, a book etc.  I can’t… I have only really made it to being able to read a little teeny tiny bit yesterday.  And I haven’t been able to watch anything with much movement, Time Team was about my limit and even then I had to close my eyes when Tony got excited and started running around… So I have been listening to a lot of lectures on youtube…

And I’ve watched some really interesting ones and wanted to share.  This will probably be one of a few posts as there has been a lot.


Swearing as a second language – “bad language” and language learners – UCL Lunch Hour Lecture

Language as a Window into Human Nature

How the Languages We Speak Shape the Ways We Think

The Power of Language

Barking up the right tree: how do we understand what words mean?

Susie Dent: “Dent’s Modern Tribes: The Secret Languages of Britain” | Talks at Google


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