Water: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


After fire in our series of wild unknown animal spirit cards, comes water.  Unsurprisingly, here we have collection of animals who spend either their entire life or a significant part of it, in water!

We have a mix of fresh and salt water animals, and I’m interested to see if that has any bearing on the cards.  But regardless, they are all water dwellers.  And water, in tarot, is the element of the suit of cups.  Which is all about emotions, feelings, relationships etc.  This is about matters of the heart. It’s about intuition and the unconscious.

Think of a body of water as an emotional scale – the surface showing your surface level emotions, the things that you probably understand a bit, the deeper you go the further into your unconsciousness you get.  So right down at the bottom is the tough stuff, probably where your greatest pains are buried.  And there’s no light at the bottom of the ocean, there’s vast amounts of pressure down there which would easily kill a human, so we tend to stay clear.  Coming back up to the visible aspect, this can be used to describe your more conscious emotional state.  If the water is flowing freely, so are your emotions, you feel them and then they pass.  If the water is stagnant, you might be holding on too tightly to your emotions, trying to control them etc.  This will all be relevant when we look at where in the water our animals live.

I love water, I love being by the sea and (if you’re into that sort of thing) I’m a Pisces with Cancer rising so, astrologically speaking, I’m very much a water maiden.

I have been really looking forward to this suit as I’ve been working my way through the deck and have been very frustrated by the vertigo which was stopped me from getting stuck into it.  I have very much glossed over a lot of the wonderful things about water as the vertigo is still persisting… This also means this post may involve lots of typos as I can’t really proof read right now! 

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