Fish meditation

So, following the exploration of the fish spirit card, I did actually write and record a guided meditation about entering into the world of the fish.  Mostly for myself, I find it helpful to have a recording telling me what to do.

I wanted to share it in case it was helpful to anyone else.  It’s very short, I find with brain fog and pain and things that that is most helpful for me right now.  Otherwise I get part way through and need to move or pain starts to interfere or I completely lose concentration.

What I tend to do is repeat guided meditations a few times so I get the idea of where they’re taking me and then I can use that “place” or process on my own to go deeper.  So when I listen to a safe space meditation, I often use it more as a prompt to get into my safe space and now I’ve done it a few times I know where that is and once the speaker has guided me into it, I can do my own thing.  So if you do want to use my recording, I’d really recommend using it more as a way in and start extending it yourself – just ignore me when I close it!

Fish Meditation


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