Black Egg: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


Hmm.. the black egg.  Well… we have all the egg symbolism from the golden egg but this time it’s black.  Yes, I know I’m stating the obvious!

Black has a vast array of meanings from death to nothingness to fear to strength.

In my head, a black egg feels like one which has been around too long and is way past the point of anything hatching from it…

At this stage I think I’d best do some research so I turn to google…

One of my first finds is the Owakudani Black Eggs – legend holds eating just one of these black eggs can add seven years to one’s life.  The eggs are ordinary chicken eggs but the shell turns black due to being boiled in the hot sulfur spring.  This doesn’t feel very relevant so the search continues…

Eventually I uncover the story about Pangu which I covered briefly with the golden egg but lets get a little more detailed:

The story comes from China and is about the creation of the world.  Way back when, the universe was a chaotic mix of yin and yang, earth and heavens which was contained in an egg (a black egg or the cosmic egg depending on which version you’re looking at).  In this egg a giant, Pangu, was born.  When he realised he was trapped he pushed his way out, separating the contents into yin and yang.  Half of the egg became the heavens, half the earth.  When Pangu died, possibly 18,000 years later, his body started to form mountains and other aspects of the earth.  His dying breath became the wind and clouds, his voice became thunder, one eye became the sun and the other the moon.  His blood became rivers and seas and the hairs on his head became stars.  The parasites which had lived on his body because humans and animals and thus the world as it know it today was born.

This feels so much more relevant – the duality of the universe, creating something amazing out of chaos.  These feel like things I can work with.

A few more google searches later…

To dream of a black egg is about the evil within you.  It may also be showing fragility in relationships or hinting at an evil acquaintance.  New beginnings are needed.

We also have this concept of the luminous egg, another idea that I don’t know very much about… The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom says that we, human beings, are not solid objects but rather an egg shaped light which extends slightly further than our physical bodies. According to this theory, a strong, luminous egg comes from being centred and in touch with your inner self. A fractured, dull egg lets a person’s energy leak out, creates confusion and chaos and ill health. Not knowing enough about this I’m not sure if the luminous egg is at all linked with the black egg but it does have an aura style glow.

Black is the colour of everything, or the absence of light and for me, these feel like potent metaphors to ponder or meditate on.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Black Egg: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck”

  1. I had a black egg show up in my left hand in a reiki session oddly (as a vision). I’ve never had a “vision” before, so certainly a strange experience. For the reiki master she saw a little black box which she felt contained secrets that I wouldn’t let go of. Quite interesting… I’ve been pondering the meaning of this as well. This is the first I’m reading of its symbolism. Appreciate you digging into this.

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