Spirit: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck


I can’t believe I’ve reached the end of this deck, it’s been such an interesting journey!  Things I’ve found out as I’ve worked my way through this suit in particular:

  • These are powerful creatures.  If you are familiar with tarot, these feel to me like the major cards.  These are cards which are taking us beyond body and mind and focusing much more on intuition, feeling and archetypes.
  • Within this suit, we see the other suits.  We have fire in the form of the phoenix, water in the form of the sea serpent, earth in the form of the dragon and air in the form of the unicorn.
  • There is a theme of spheres, eggs and circles, seen not only in the spirit sign but in each of the images.  The circle is a powerful symbol representing infinity, wholeness, eternity, cycles, protection and so much more.  We see the circle used over and over.  We have the wheel of fortune from tarot, the sun, the moon and the stars, we have the yin yang symbol.  The circle can be read as a zero; nothingness or the potential for everything.
  • The seven cards each represent one of the seven chakras.  I don’t know much about chakras but if this is something you want to know more about, buy the guide book.  To be honest, buy it anyway.  These posts are entirely my own thoughts and are very unofficial and not at all reflective of the guide book!  The guide book, whilst we’re on the topic, has information about each card including what the animal looks like in balance and out of balance and how to restore balance.  If I’m struggling with a card when I’m reading, I find this really helpful.

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