Eagle: Animal Dreaming Cards


We are starting with the eagle, a bird we have already considered in Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck. This gives me an opportunity to let you know how I’ll be tackling these cross over cards.

There will inevitably be similar themes and similar teachings so I will not repeat what I have already written.  Each crossover card will link to the equivalent wild unknown version and I will expand on this interpretation by looking specifically at the image in the animal dreaming card and the Australian context.  Whilst there will be similarities, I don’t believe that one image will convey the same as another of the same species.  In some cases we may have different sexes, in some we may get different feelings towards the animal.  A mouse looking curious will speak to us in a different way to a mouse looking terrified.

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Eagle

This particular eagle looks like it might be some kind of sea eagle.  It certainly doesn’t look like the Wedge Tailed Eagle which is Austrailia’s largest bird of prey.  According to birdlife Australia, “few Australian birds of prey are as spectacular as the White-bellied Sea-Eagle.”  This bird is second largest and is found in coastal areas but also inland, far from the sea, near rivers and lakes.

Just returning to the Wedge Tailed Eagle for a moment, Bunjil is often depicted as such.   One myth tells of Bunjil creating the mountains, the rivers, the plants and the animals as well as laws for humans to live by.  One he had done this, he asked Crow to create some wind and this wind was so strong that Bunjil and his family were blown up to the heavens.  They remain they today, Bunjil as the star Altair and his two wives, the black swans, became stars on either side of him.

Regardless of which eagle we see here, we know already that the eagle soars high in the sky, carrying messages between land and spirit.  They know a freedom which comes only when you let go of material, earth bound things.

Another important aspect of this card is the number 0.  From a mathematical point of view, 0 is a powerful number.  It has led to philosophical ponderings, how can nothing be something?  0 is neither positive or negative, neither forward nor backwards.  It is potential, possibility.  It is everything and nothing.  It is the moment before the first breath of life.  0 also marks the Fool in the tarot deck, beginnings and endings.

Considering the eagle and zero, we see a bird which is guiding us to step out on our journey.  Their amazing eyes see the minutiae, what lies in our hearts, what stops us from moving on.  They also see the big picture, the possibilities, the paths that lie ahead of us.  They ask us to trust their guidance and knowledge and listen to them in whatever way they speak to us.  Whether that is signs and synchronicities or intuition or cards. We are poised, ready to take an amazing journey, if only we can trust ourselves to listen and take that initial step.

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