Butterfly: Animal Dreaming


Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Butterfly

I wrote a rather long post for the Wild Unknown butterfly and the ideas here are very similar, they are about transformation, about metamorphosis and so on.  This particular butterfly may be the Papilio Ulysses, a large swallowtail butterfly who’s wingspan is about 14cm.  Like many butterflies, the underside of its wings are a dusky brown.   There is a time for standing out and being flamboyant, and there is a time for blending in.

There is a lovely story about why the caterpillar goes into a cocoon over winter to prepare for her beautiful spring butterfly body.

In this deck, the butterfly is associated with the number three.  Given the three stages of butterfly life this feels significant.  And as you probably know, three has a lot of symbolism:

  • Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Birth, life, death or birth, death and rebirth
  • Holy trinity
  • We live in 3-dimensions
  • Mind, body and soul
  • Earth, sea and sky
  • Bad luck comes in threes
  • The rule of three
  • The triple spiral which appears in celtic tradition
  • Three states of being: sleeping, dreaming, waking
  • Past, present and future

A number of these suggest a wholeness created by three elements, a wholeness that you reach when you have been through the stages of the butterflies life perhaps?


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