Owl: Animal Dreaming


Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Owl

The owl, with her wide eyes and night vision, has the ability to see clearly, to see through deception and to get to the truth.  Perhaps it is because of this, plus the element of surprise they have due to their silent flight, that some cultures find them such frightful birds.  Watch out for people trying to deceive you, or self deception.

In some parts of Australia, we see the owl representing the souls of women (and the bat represents the souls of men) which echoes the feminine ideas discussed in relation to the wild unknown owl.

One myth recounts the great flood when people were all drowned.  It began with a group of children teasing Dumbi the owl, a bird sacred to the Wandjina (spirit beings) .  They were horrible and cruel but eventually Dumbi escaped and flew to the Wandjina to complain about how we was treated.  The Wandjina became angry and reacted by sending thunder, lightning and rain.  Lots of rain.  It rained and rained and the water rose and rose and everyone drowned.  Except for two children, a girl and a boy who were saved by a kangaroo.  These children would eventually begin the repopulation of earth.

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