Brolga: Animal Dreaming


As the card suggests, the brolga is known for it’s dance.  They are long legged cranes with long slender necks and a trill call.

The importance of dance for the brolga is illustrated in their elaborate courtship rituals.  They start by picking up grass, tossing it in the air and catching it.  Then they leap into the air, wings outstretched, necks stretched upwards.  This is followed by head bobbing, walking and calling.  These displays strengthen pair bonds which are important as they tend to mate for life.

Bonded brolgas also engage in singing, the female intitiates and both the male and the female have their own lines for the calls.  For each two calls from the female, the male does one longer call.

The brolga asks us to inhabit our bodies, to express ourselves through movement, to connect with others through dance.  The brolga is bringing us the ability to be uninhibited, to twist and turn with ecstasy, to call out with joy and aliveness, to dance as though no one is watching.

Whilst I feel like this is the message of the brolga, I realise it’s not very inclusive and actually I can’t really dance anymore.  Maybe think about how you could experience this freedom and sense of self and expression in other ways.  For me, some sort of art might be one way.


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