Bat: Animal Dreaming


Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Bat

Australia has over 90 species of bat, ranging a lot in size and habitat.  This one though looks like the spectacled flying fox, also known as the spectacled fruit bat.  The head and body length is 22–25 cm and prefer life in the rainforest, eating, as the name suggests, fruit!

As we saw in the owl card, in some aboriginal cultures, the souls of women are associated with owls, and the souls of men with bats.  There is a lovely tale about the bat, Balayang, and how he found his wives and also the story of how Balayang came to be black.

In terms of the keyword rebirth, there are a couple of ways I see this:

The spectacled flying fox doesn’t live in caves, but let’s say we have a bat which does.  We can see the cave as a the womb, literally of mother earth, and the bat leaves the cave after hanging upside down, the same way that a baby leaves it’s mother during birth.  In the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, some aborigines place their dead in caves.

In one aboriginal story, it was all dark and the animals didn’t like this although bat did.  Eventually he was persuaded to help bring back the light.  Bat asked around to see if anyone had a boomarang.  Lizard did and even though lizard liked the dark, he handed it to bat.  Bat threw the boomarang and divided the darkness, giving light to the animals and keeping dark for himself. And thus the cycle of night and day continues, giving us a daily rebirth.

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