Cockatoo: Animal Dreaming


This is a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo and is the guardian of the east gate and an emissary of the sun.  Her sister, the Black Cockatoo, holds memories of creation and the dreaming.

These large parrots are noisy and conspicuous both when resting and flying.  They spend most of the time in flocks and when they are together, their raucous screeches can be deafening.  They can be found scratching on the ground, foraging for berries, seeds and nuts whilst some of the group watch out for danger.  They are curious, intelligent birds which can live a long time – up to 70 years in captivity.  This gives them a long time to gather wisdom and knowledge.

I have read that the sulphur crested cockatoo is symbolic of the light at the end of the tunnel although I haven’t found much about the reasons behind that.  Perhaps it’s simply the white and yellow combination and the symbology associated with that?

As I mentioned, this cockatoo is an emissary of the sun, and hence light and illumination and clarity.  Perhaps this card is asking you to shine light on your shadows to see them more clearly.  I think also the social nature of this bird and their intelligence are suggesting that seeking help from friends or reflecting on things more academically than emotionally may help you right now.


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