Cuscus: Animal Dreaming


Firstly, I started out very confused.  I could find nothing about the cuscus.  I could find lots about couscous but nothing about this cute little animal.  I think, and am happy to be corrected, that they are sometimes referred to as possoms, which they are related to.  The cuscus is a subspecies of possum with the cuscus being the largest of the world’s possum species.

Cuscuses(?) are large marsupials, on average 45cm long. Their little ears and large eyes definetely add to their cute appeal and also help them with their night life.  During the day, they rest in trees, snoozing away until the sun goes down.  Then they move around the trees looking for leaves and fruit.  To help with their arboreal lifestyle, they have a strong prehensive tail which grips on tree branches and sharp claws.  There is something monkey like about the cuscus and indeed when scientists first came across them, they believed they were monkeys.

They are shy, elusive and secretive creatures which may explain the shortage of information online!  This rarely seen little creature has something really important to tell you if they’ve searched you out.

Because of their slow metabolism, they are sometimes compared to sloths which I will do a post about at some stage.  So we get this idea of a slow moving, deliberate animal which thinks things through before acting.  They are not lazy creatures, they are calm and considered, slow and steady.  They pace themselves and act with intention and awareness.

Is the cuscus here to remind you to slow down?  To take tasks bit by bit. To stop and smell the roses?

There is a possom card coming later so maybe we’ll learn more about the cuscus then.


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