It’s Okay When Things Don’t Go To Plan

The lovely Meg from That Hummingbird Life sends out wonderful Sunday emails which include 3 questions.  Her email yesterday was like she was talking just to me.  She was discussing when things don’t go to plan, such as when illness gets in the way of plans and how we react to that.  It hit such a chord that I wanted to give the questions some serious consideration and felt that tarot was the way to go.

Whilst some of the messages I got are specific to me, it felt like a very transferable reading so I wanted to share my answers and invite you to share your own.

Wild Unknown Tarot Cards: The Empress, The World, 7 of Cups

What’s one thing you can do to be kinder to yourself this week?

The Empress: The Empress is a nurturing, mother nature type of card.  She is about creation and self care, unconditional love and nourishment.  She asks us to notice the beauty around and within us.  Through looking after ourselves we feed the ideas and the potential which incubates inside us.  We may not know what we are birthing but unless we nurture ourselves, our ideas will not be able to grow.

For me, the empress asks that I spend time in nature, that I notice the little everyday things and appreciate them, that I gaze on the moon and I open all my senses to her wonders.

How can you plan time for rest this week?

World: The world reminds me I am whole exactly as I am.  And if I am whole as I am then doing x,y or z will not make me more whole.  Thus, I can let go of the “I must do…” list more easily.

“Wholeness does not mean perfection.  It means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life”
– Parker Palmer

The world card also shows me that the nature of life means cycles, turning seasons, ebs and flows.  This means that I too cycle through periods of rest and activity and this is entirely natural and my life will be easier if I go with the flow of this.

Finally, the world card is about the connectedness, the interconnectedness of everything.  I am part of the universe and as a daughter of the stars, I owe it to myself and to everything and everyone else to look after myself.  To take care of myself as I would take care of others.

How can you start to take the pressure off yourself?

7 of Cups: Get your head out of the clouds.  Dreams and wishes are great but don’t try and convince yourself that you can do everything.  Having ideas can be exciting but also overwhelming.  Ground them in reality.  We can use our dreams to hide from our current feelings and also to berate ourselves with.  If you try and push through and do things when you are ill or otherwise not up to it, you will only end up having to redo or repair things later.  You think you are progressing but really you’re tying yourself up in knots.  Instead of fighting it, let go. Take care of yourself.

I like numbers and I find it interesting that we have 3,7 and 21 here.  The empress,3, and the 7 of cups multiply together to give us the world, 21.  Combine kindness with taking the pressure off and you can rest.


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