Frogmouth: Animal Dreaming


What a strange looking bird!  They look the way they do because it helps them to camouflage into dead trees and branches.  They aren’t owls although many people assume they are.  Where owls have strong claws, the frogmouth has delicate feet.  When threatened they fluff themselves up to appear bigger and open their wide beak.  They make an alarm call which tells the baby frogmouths to stay still and not break their cover.  When they’re hiding, they point their head up and look like they’re reaching, stretched, seeking.  They appear invisible in the trees, the perfect eavesdropper, the secret collector.

Frogmouths form partnerships for life and share parenting duties.  They maintain their bond through physical contact and during breeding system, pairs will be seen closely together on the same branch, bodies touching.  The male will gently stroke the female with his beak to groom her.

As you can see, the keyword here is secret keeper.  We tend to think of secrets as deception, as bad things, as withholding.  But there are also sacred secrets, the secrets of the universe, the secrets that you need to earn access to.  The frogmouth, as it hides in plain sight, hears secrets and keeps them safe.


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