Wallaby: Animal Dreaming


What is the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo?

Quick answer, they are very similar and belong to the same family.  In general, wallabies are smaller, less monochrome and have shorter lives.

Although members of most wallaby species are small, some reach 6 foot!  They have powerful hind legs for jumping, running and they can give predators a vicious kick.  They have a strong tail which is used for balance and support.  They also have a pouch but I’m going to focus more on that when we get to the kangaroos.

One of the smallest wallabies, the quokka, also happens to be one of the cutest!  They were described by Willem de Vlamingh ‘as a kind of rat as big as a common cat’ which I think significantly undersells them.  They’ve done the rounds on the internet because of their apparent smiling demeanour.

There is apparently a belief that wallabies and kangaroos can’t walk backwards.  The internet suggests this isn’t true however it works well as a metaphor and it’s clearly relevant to this card’s keyword; progression.  So we’ll assume, for the purposes of symbolism, that they cannot walk backwards.  This then means they are always moving forward, they are always progressing, they are leaping into the future and not dwelling on the past.  There is a time for reflection and a time for moving on.


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