Spider: Animal Dreaming


Spider: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

Tarantula: Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck

“No one knows, incidentally, why Australia’s spiders are so extravagantly toxic; capturing small insects and injecting them with enough poison to drop a horse would appear to be the most literal case of overkill. Still, it does mean that everyone gives them lots of space.”
― Bill Bryson, In a Sunburned Country

It’s common knowledge that Australia has some highly venomous spiders.  Whilst some are deadly, most are not very toxic.  Despite being very feared, they are an important part of the web of life; controlling insect populations.  They have been depicted in aboriginal art and one dreaming focuses on the spider’s sexuality and desire.  She would seduce some men and not others and this caused tension and jealousy.  To escape the consequences of her action, she turned herself and her lovers into spiders.  Be careful of getting caught in your own web.

“Women are spinners and weavers, we are the ones who spin the threads and weave them into meaning and pattern. Like silkworms, we create those threads out of our own substance, pulling the strong, fine fibres out of our own hearts and wombs. It’s time to make some new threads; time to strengthen the frayed wild edges of our own being and then weave ourselves back into the fabric of our culture.”

– Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted

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