My own animal cards

As I’ve been working through all the animals in the wild unknown animal spirit deck and the animal dreaming deck, I’ve found myself drawn to animals that haven’t been included.  Obviously no deck can include all the animals and as the decks are from the US and Australia, they won’t necessarily include the creatures that I see on a more regular basis.

So, enter my own animal cards.  For example, I really wanted to write a post about the tortoise.  As you may have seen, I feel very strongly that you shouldn’t confuse tortoises and turtles and writing a profile for this imaginary card has allowed me to figure out why I care and what the tortoise means to me.

I have also found myself drawn to writing about certain plants so there will be blog posts on those as well.  As a note of warning, I will include reference to medicinal uses for some of these but do not try them without research.  Firstly what I call x may not be what you call x in your part of the world.  Secondly, like with the animals, some of these are historic uses which may or may not have been effective.  You wouldn’t try unicorn horn for negating the power of poison so don’t use a plant without checking stuff out first.  Finally, plants can be poisonous.  Plants can affect people differently.  Also, plants as medicines have different qualities at different times in their life and in the seasons.

If you’d like a post on a particular plant or animal, let me know!  No promises but if it’s one I feel drawn to then you might be in luck!


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